What makes a good sports bra?

What makes a good sports bra?

Many women have experienced soreness, chaffing, back pains and in some cases soft tissue damage as a result of wearing a wrong sports bra. One might then wonder, what makes a good sports bra?, and a brief answer to that question would be, a good sports bra is one that minimizes breast movement or prevents excessive bouncing, leaving one to focus on the activity they are undertaking.

A long answer to the question, what makes a good sports bra?, is a follows. Sports bras are designed to provide different levels of support, low, medium and high, depending on the impact level of the sports (or physical) activity. The higher the impact (more bouncing of breasts), the more the support needed. Running, high jumps and aerobics are some of high impact activities and they require sports bra that provide high support. On the other end, there are low impact activities such as walking, yoga and hiking and these require sports bras with low support. Dancing can either be low or high impact depending on the style.

There are features that determine the level of support provided by a sports bra and these are listed below.

Low Support

Sports bra providing low level of support have narrow straps and bands, they are light weight and they are of pullover style. They are of compression type meaning they hold breasts against the chest.

Medium Support

Sports bras providing medium level support have wider bands and straps, are available in both pullover and hook closures styles, either hold breasts against the chest (compression) or have separate cups (encapsulation) and obviously provide more support that low support bras.

High Support

Finally, Sports bras that provide high level of support have the widest bands and adjustable shoulder straps, hook-loop closures and combine both compression and encapsulation styles to provide high support.

For women with big breasts, it is advisable to go for sports bras offering high level of support irrespective of the activity they are undertaking.

Having several sports bra and rotating their use extends their time of use.

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