Which fabric to choose for Activewear?

Exercises are bound to generate warm air and sweat and therefore it is important to understand how different fabrics used to make Activewear deal with the two elements.

How a fabric deals with moisture (sweat) is referred to as moisture management.  Fabrics with ability to pull moisture from the body and pass it to their exterior surface are referred to as moisture-wicking. Fabrics that absorb and retain moisture are referred to as absorptive. Absorptive fabrics become wet and heavy and are not good for exercises.

Breathability is movement of air through a fabric. Breathable fabrics allow air to pass through,...

What makes a good sports bra?

What makes a good sports bra?

What makes a good sports bra?

Many women have experienced soreness, chaffing, back pains and in some cases soft tissue damage as a result of wearing a wrong sports bra. One might then wonder, what makes a good sports bra?, and a brief answer to that question would be, a good sports bra is one that minimizes breast movement or prevents excessive bouncing, leaving one to focus on the activity they are undertaking.

A long answer to the question, what makes a good sports bra?, is a follows. Sports bras are designed to provide different levels of support, low, medium...